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The Maker's Hand: Fifty Years of the RDS Craft Awards

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Time and Place

Thursday Jun. 21 to Friday Aug. 17

RDS - Library

Opening Times and Admission

Thursday Jun. 21 to Friday Aug. 17: 10:00 - 17:00

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Organiser's Contacts

Dublin 4

Tel 01 240 7254

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From its foundation in 1731 the RDS has set out to encourage and promote Irish craft and design. In 1968 the RDS established the National Competition for the Encouragement of Applied Arts in Ireland. This ambitious initiative set out to recognise and celebrate the tacit, quietly honed skill of the maker. Today the RDS Craft Awards continue to support and encourage excellence in the sphere of the handmade and have assumed a central role in the world of craft in Ireland.

In June this year the RDS Library & Archives welcomes you to The Maker’s Hand: Fifty Years of the RDS Craft Awards an exhibition that explores the rich history of the RDS Craft Awards from their inception in 1968 to the present day. The Maker’s Hand: Fifty Years of the RDS Craft Awards opens on June 21 2018 and runs until August 17 2018. Please note an entry charge applies to non-RDS Members during the Dublin Horse Show (8-12 August- 2018)

Please note the RDS Library & Archives are closed on weekends.

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