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Science Entertainment

As well as have a really rewarding experience at their stand, every particpating school at ESB Science Blast will have a packed day of amazing science entertainment, hand-picked to be appropriate for a primary school-aged audience. Each class will get to visit every show, as well all the other school stands.

Below are examples of the wonderful shows that took place during ESB Science Blast 2019!


BBC Gastronaut Stefan Gates presents an outrageous, hilarious and totally educational food show featuring rockets, robots, giant cannons, edible chemistry and a very loud fart machine. It’s a high-octane family stage show exploring the bizarre and explosive science of food using stunts, games and lots of audience interaction. 


A Rapper’s Guide to the Solar System

A tour of the solar system with a difference! Join science presenter Jon Chase as he demonstrates just how extreme our Solar system can be using raps, demos and lots of audience participation. He’ll be answering questions like: How big is the solar system? How puny is Pluto? How cold is a crater? What’s the smelliest planet? 


Science of Breakdancing

Using the medium of break-dancing, RTÉ Junior's Mark Langtry will explore centripetal force, friction, conservation of momentum, Newton's Laws and more in this show which is bursting with energy and spontaneous dance offs. 


Dangerous Equations - or How to use Maths to Avoid Being Horribly Maimed

Watch in horror as Marty Jopson sets fire to his own hand and introduces the audience to the Pendulum of DOOM. Using some cunning equations, Marty explains how a bit of fluffy string can travel at 900 miles per hour, the science of seriously loud explosions and the maths of a karate chop. Will his steely nerve and a set of equations be enough to keep him from harm? Only one way to find out. 


SHOW: The XX Factor

The XX Factor takes us on a journey, meeting six amazing women who are mostly unheard of despite their achievements in STEM. Discover what ground-breaking work they did and meet the modern-day scientists they inspired along the way. From sparks, light and gravity, to musical moments and crazy paper chains, this presentation has lots of demonstrations and audience interaction to engage all types of audiences. 


Litter Lab – Don’t Mess with our Place!

What is the worst kind of litter? How does plastic get spread around the world by winds and currents? What does it do to animals? What can we do to stop it? Sue McGrath aka ‘Scientific Sue’ is the Director of Science2Life, an outreach educational provider and consultant dedicated to the communication of STEM in a passionate and engaging fashion.

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