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Boyle Medal Laureates

The first recipient of the Boyle Medal was George Johnstone Stoney who is best remembered in the history of science for introducing the term electron, which he did in a paper in the Scientific Transactions of the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) in 1891. Since then 39 of Ireland’s most eminent scientists have had the honour of being acclaimed a Boyle Medal Laureate.

2014  Seamus J. Martin
2011   Margaret Murnane
2009   Luke A. J. O’Neill
2005   Garret Adare FitzGerald
2003 John McCanny
2001   Derek E. G. Briggs
1999   Thomas Cotter
1996 Patrick Cunningham
1992   Brendan K. P. Scaife
1988  P. Kevin Carroll
1986 James Robert McConnell
1982  David A. Webb
1981  R. C. Geary
1979  Cormac O'Ceallaigh
1978 G. Francis Mitchell
1972 John L. Synge
1971 Patrick J. Nolan
1970 Thomas J. Walsh
1969 Vincent C. Barry
1967 Edward J. Conway
1961  Phyllis E. M. Clinch
1957 Robert McKay
1950   Edmond J. Sheehy
1947  J. H. J. Poole
1945   Thomas J. Nolan
1942 Joseph Doyle
1939  Joseph Reilly
1936 Horace H. Poole
1933 Paul A. Murphy
1931 Sir John Purser Griffith
1928 Walter E. Adeney
1928 William R. G. Atkins
1921  George H. Pethybridge
1917   John A. McClelland
1916 Henry H. Dixon
1912   Sir Howard Grubb
1911 John Joly
1899   Thomas Preston
1899   George Johnstone Stoney

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