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RDS Entrepreneurs' Club

The RDS Entrepreneurs’ Club (REC) is a new initiative in which the RDS provides a space where emerging entrepreneurs can connect with established business professionals to share ideas, and exchange expertise, to help Irish start-up businesses succeed.

We hope that the REC can make a positive impact on Ireland’s economic development by creating a supportive community where start-up entrepreneurs can learn from the experiences of established business professionals in a creative and welcoming environment. 

We see huge potential in combining the best entrepreneurial talent from the Irish start-up scene with the outstanding business experience, and expertise, we have within the RDS. The RDS has over 3,500 members and a growing number of corporate members from a wide range of industry backgrounds. These members are looking for an opportunity to pass on their years of invaluable knowledge, skills, and experience, to help growing businesses succeed.

Each event in the series will feature three entrepreneurs who will share their stories and experiences of running some of the most vibrant and dynamic start-up businesses in Ireland. Food and drink will be provided by homegrown up and coming craft beer and artisan food companies to assist with networking and the continuation of discussions in a relaxed environment. 

Whether you want to network, listen to inspiring Irish start-up stories, or meet with your peers to brainstorm ideas, we believe the REC has the potential to be an instrumental resource for the Irish start-up community.


Upcoming Events

REC 6. Wednesday, May 9, 6.00pm - 8.00pm, RDS Library

Presentation 1: Fierce Fun - Peter Lynch

Presentation 2: EuroComply - Emerald DeLeeuw

Presentation 3: Bloom Magic - Nicholas Jensen

Drinks Sponsor: Teeling Whiskey - Jack Teeling


Please note that bookings close on Monday, May 7.



Previous Presenters

REC 1. Vivid Edge – Tracy O’Rourke, Horus IoT – Brendan Looney and Mont (Manor Brewing Company) – Michael Cowan

REC 2. ProU - Michael Murphy,  Engager – Charlie Byrne and Priory Brewery – John Kearns

REC 3. Governor Software - Richard Pike, Assure Hedge - Barry McCarthy, Blanco Nino - Phil Martin, Drinks Sponsor - Wood Key Brewing. The winner of the RDS Silver Medal was Richard Pike of Governor Software.

REC 4. Popertee - Lucinda Kelly, CiviQ - Vanessa Liston, Kraydel - Lisa Smith, Drinks Sponsor - Anchor Spirits. The winner of the RDS Silver Medal was Lucinda Kelly of Popertee.

REC 5. Medmodus - Deáglán MagFhloinn, Croí Valve - Lucy O'Keefe, Travaplan – Lewis McMahon, Drinks sponsor - Aidan Murphy of Galway Hooker. The winner of the RDS Silver Medal was Lucy O'Keefe of Croí Valve.


For further information, please contact:

Paul Farrelly
RDS Enterprise Programme Manager
Dublin 4
Tel: +353 (0) 1 240 7215
Email: enterprise@rds.ie 

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