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Apply for Membership

We welcome new Members. While we request that you are proposed by two existing Members, if you have any difficulty with this we would be very happy to assist you with your nomination for Membership.

For further information or to arrange a tour of the RDS Members’ Club please contact us on 01 240 7296 or email members@rds.ie

Individual Membership

To become a Member you need to complete an application form. This can be downloaded and posted to us, or we can post a copy to you. It is currently not possible to apply online. Applications for membership are reviewed at the end of each calendar month and we will let you know if your application has been successful within one week of that date.


Corporate Membership

We also offer a Corporate membership for four named individuals.


Role of Members

Our Society was founded in 1731 to further the broad economic and cultural development of Ireland. Today the RDS operates as a catalyst locally, regionally and throughout the island of Ireland to ensure that coming generations can fulfil their potential. Our Members are a unique combination of people working together in the areas of agriculture, arts, industry, science and equestrianism to find relevant solutions to meet future economic and cultural need.

The Society benefits from having Members with a variety of backgrounds and disciplines who are confident that their collective ability will effect change. Our purpose is to inspire innovative thinking by promoting new ideas and being progressive in our approach. Just as it was for our founders, we as Members today are committed to advancing those areas laid out in our Charters through our voluntary participation and subscriptions. We enable positive change by sharing our resources, expertise and skills to support and encourage pioneering initiatives.

As RDS Members we take pride in our obligation to promote our Society’s work and ethos while maintaining its independence. We share a commitment to see it contribute even more to Ireland in the future than it has in the past. As a Member of the Society, I actively support and promote the Society’s purpose and values and recognise the importance of my role in helping to achieving this.

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