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RDS Library Speaker Series

Through the Library Speaker Series, the RDS hosts a diverse range of interesting and informative talks by noted speakers for Members of the Society and the general public. This continues a long established tradition of lectures at the Society reaching back over 200 years.

RDS Library Speaker Series

The subject matter of the talks covers many areas of knowledge or topics associated with the Foundation aims of the Society including art, travel, sport, science, music, food, and modern living. Some significant historical anniversaries are also marked by an associated talk linking to an exhibition in the RDS Library.

Talks take place on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm (unless otherwise stated), generally during the months of February/April (Spring Series) and October/November (Autumn Series), each year.

Refreshments are served following the talk, in a friendly and informal setting, allowing for discussion and networking opportunities.

Wednesday, February 17: Thomas Pakenham 'The Company of Trees - A Year in a Lifetime's Quest'

Wednesday, 9 March: Robin Mandal 'Rebuilding Dublin After 1916'  

, 23 March: Wolfgang Steinicke 'Lord Rosse and the Deep-Sky Astronomy at Birr Castle - An important step in the history of science' 
Tuesday, 5 April: 'A Masque for Minerva' with the Dublin Shakespeare Society 
Wednesday, 20 April: Veronica Rowe 'Lords, Linen and Lace - The involvement of some O'Brien family members with the RDS'  

Wednesday, 27 April: Dublin, One City One Book Lia Mills 'Turning a Novel Inside-Out and Upside Down' 

3 May: Robert D. Marshall 'Law and Insurgency: the Irish Experience of 1916'

For further information, please contact:

Library Desk
RDS Library
Dublin 4
Tel: +353 (0) 1 240 7254
Fax: +353 (0) 1 240 7293
Email: librarydesk@rds.ie

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