Access for Researchers

Guest Readers are members of the public who are allowed to use the RDS Library facilities but are not allowed to borrow any books.

Members of the public who are interested in becoming Guest Readers should download the Guest Reader Guide (PDF document, 337KB) and the Guest Reader Application (PDF document, 377KB) form and return the form to the Library.

Library plaqueThere is no fee for Guest Readership. However, applicants will need to provide a letter of introduction acceptable to the Library Director to permit use of the Library for research purposes. The Library will contact the potential Guest Reader with a decision regarding his/her application within seven days.

If successful, Guest Readers will be asked to sign and abide by the Library Rules (PDF document, 132KB) and will be issued with a Library Admission card for use in the Library.

All closed access material will be issued to the Guest Reader using their Library Admission card. When requested, material will be retrieved from the Reserves and issued to the Guest Reader. Items must be returned 15 minutes before close of business that day or they will remain on the user's record

Please note that researcher access to  the RDS Library's collections is by appointment only.

Guest Readers will not be permitted to take material out of the Library.

Further information on accessing the RDS Library is available from the Library Desk at +353 (0)1 240 7254 or via email at


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