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Continuing a tradition which began in the late 1890s with the RDS Scientific Lectures for Youth, the current RDS Foundation portfolio has an extensive programme for both primary and secondary school students and teachers as well as those at third-level.

Primary & Secondary Level Programme

RDS Primary Science Fair

RDS Primary Science Fair

The RDS Primary Science Fair encourages primary school teachers to focus on developing students’ scientific skills by investigating a question or problem. Through working together to question, observe, record and then make sense of what they find, students develop core life skills which provide them with a strong foundation for their future path in life.





The STEM Facilitator Programme is an innovative and interactive professional development programme for Primary School teachers. It is aimed at developing participants’ pedagogical and conceptual knowledge of science.



Third-Level Programme


RDS Music Bursary

With a prize fund of €10,000, the RDS Music Bursary is one of the largest single bursaries on offer to a young musician in Europe. Open to both vocalists and instrumentalists, the Bursary aims to assist a young professional musician develop their career.


RDS Student Art Awards

RDS Student Art Awards

The RDS Student Art Awards has an annual prize fund in excess of €16,000. Encompassing the RDS Taylor Art Award which has been awarded since 1860, the Awards are the most prestigious art awards open to registered art students of all award-bearing courses in Ireland.




Walsh Research Fellowship Awards

Walsh Research Fellowship

The RDS and Teagasc collaborate on the Walsh Research Fellowship to encourage high calibre graduates to stay in Ireland and pursue their research interests. The Walsh Research Fellows undertake a broad spectrum of research including food processing, animal and crop production, soils and environment, agri-food economics and rural development.




Venue Information

How to Find the RDS

How to Find the RDS

Information about getting to the RDS.




Parking at RDS Foundation Events

Parking at RDS Foundation Events

Information about parking for those attending RDS Foundation Events.



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