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People, Places and the Joy of Discovery: Fast X-Rays from Fast Lasers - Professor Margaret Murnane

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On November 29 Margaret Murnane was awarded the 2011 RDS Irish Times Boyle Medal for Scientific Excellence for her pioneering work which has transformed the field of ultrafast laser and x-ray science.

Following the conferral of the Medal, Professor Murnane gave a public lecture on her groundbreaking discoveries and her passion for science. Professor Murnane discussed how solving challenging questions about nature and the world often requires several scientists to work together as a team. Quite frequently, the expertise needed can span more than one subject, institution, country or even continent, providing a framework for people from all backgrounds to work together.

Aimed at a general audience, Professor Murnane discussed the joy of working with scientists from all over the world, sharing the Eureka moment, and figuring out how to make laser-like beams of x-rays that can capture the fastest events in our natural world.

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