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The largest and most prestigious exhibitions in Ireland in nearly every sector or trade and industry have been held at the RDS for more than one hundred years. While a central and accessible location is a huge advantage for exhibition organisers, it is the flexibility of the exhibition set up that is the single biggest asset. With 10 multi-purpose exhibition halls ranging in size from 370 square metres to 10,500 square metres, exhibition organisers are assured of a configuration that will perfectly suit their needs. All the exhibition halls are situated on the ground floor which ensures easy access. For full details, please consult the  RDS Floor Plans and for Hall locations please see our Venue Capacities and Site Map.

Example Exhibition hall sizes at the RDS

Exhibition Hall sizes

Recommended Venue

374m2 Hall 6 (Clyde Room)
653.8m2 Concert Hall
1,072m2 Hall 3 (Serpentine Hall)
2,285m2 Hall 4 (Industries Hall)
3,503m2 Hall 1 (Main Hall)
10,500m2 Hall 8 (Simmonscourt)

*The above capacity numbers are indicative therefore subject to change and may vary depending on the Clients’ final layout.

Exhibitions held at the RDS include;

The BT Young Scientist Exhibition, Bride of the Year Show, Showcase Craft Trade Fair, The Energy Show, Permanent TSB Ideal Homes Show, Pregnancy and Baby Fair, Property Expo, House, Hardware Show, Architect Expo, ArtSource, Mind, Body, Spirit and the Gifted - The Contemporary Craft & Design Fair...and many more. For a full listing of upcoming events visit What's On.

What our exhibition clients say...

"The BT Young Scientist Exhibition has been staged at the RDS for more than 40 years. The combination of flexible exhibition halls and willing co-operation of the RDS team, make the RDS a venue that I am happy to recommend to any exhibition or event organiser."

Mari Cahalane, Project Director, BT Young Scientist Exhibition

The unique benefit of being a very flexible venue gives the RDS team the ability to tailor to individual client requirements. To speak to one of the RDS dedicated sales team call + 353 (0)1 668 0866 or email sales@rds.ie.


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