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Foundation Board

The RDS Strategic Plan approved by the Council of the Society in October 2010 places an emphasis on increasing the impact of our Foundation Programme. A Foundation Board has therefore been established to provide focus for developing and evaluating the Foundation Programme. In particular, a five-year Foundation Development Plan has been prepared by the Foundation Board and adopted by the Council on 15 November, 2012.

The 12 member Foundation Board meets eight times per year. Four of the members of the Foundation Board of Council come directly from the membership body and are selected by the Nominations Committee following expressions of interest. The remaining members are ex officio Standing Committee Chair (5), nominees of the President (2, including the Chair) and a nominee of the Chair of the Foundation Board.

The current members of the Foundation Board are:

  • Mr Michael Gleeson (Chair and President's nominee)
  • Mr Tom Kirley (Chair, Committee of Agriculture & Rural Affairs)
  • Mr Martin Hynes (from the membership body)
  • Ms Geralyn Thompson (Chair, Committee of Enterprise)
  • Mr Frank Cunneen (from the membership body)
  • Mr Angus McDonnell (Chair, Equestrian Committee)
  • Mr John Fanning (President's nominee)
  • Ms Pamela Fay (from the membership body)
  • Professor Chris Nicholas (Chair, Committee of Science & Technology)
  • Ms Mary Cullen (from the membership body)
  • Mr Ron Bolger (Chair of the Foundation Board nominee)
  • Mr Joseph Lynch (Chair, Committee of Arts)
  • Colin Gordon (President’s Nominee)
  • John McGrath (Nominee from the Membership body)
  • James Kavanagh (Nominee from the Membership body)

The first meeting of the Foundation Board was on 15 September 2011.


For further details and information, please contact:

Joanna Quinn
Foundation Director

Tel: +353 (0) 1 240 7296
Fax: +353 (0) 1 660 4014
Email: foundation@rds.ie

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