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Applying to the RDS Primary Science Fair

The 2017 RDS Primary Science Fair Belfast Call for Entries is now closed. The Call for Entries for the 2018 Dublin, Limerick and Belfast Fair will open in September 2017. More information is also provided below.

  1. Call for Entries - Timeline
  2. Class Project Planning Framework
  3. Key Information & Links
  4. When & Where
  5. Contact Us

1. Call for Entries - Timeline

September Call for Entries

  • Opens: September 2017
  • Deadline: October 2017
  • Eligibility: Open to schools interested to participate in either the Dublin, Limerick or Belfast Fair


January Call for Entries

  • Opens: January 2018
  • Deadline: February 2018
  • Eligibility: Open to all Key Stage 2 (NI) and 4th, 5th and 6th (ROI) classes interested to participate in the Belfast Fair


Allocation of Projects
Schools who submit an expression of interest to participate in the fair will be notified as follows:

Dublin & Limerick Fairs: Notified by the end of October 2017

Belfast Fair: Notified by the end of Feberuary 2018. This is irrespective of whether the application was made as part of the September of January Call for Entries to ensure the fairness of consideration for all applicants. 


2. Class Project Planning Framework

We strongly recommend that teachers use the RDS Primary Science Fair Class Project Planning Framework in class to lead pupils in thinking about the steps necessary for their project and to ensure a focus on skills development. This framework aligns with the objectives of NI and ROI primary curriculum with particular reference to TSPC (NI) and SESE (ROI) and provides a basis for:

  1. Class Planning - to identify the overall approach to the investigation and to plan what to do with the evidence/information gathered

  2. Call for Entries - the online form to be completed by schools who are interested in participating in the Fair which will be made available as noted above

  3. Project Allocation - stands are allocated to schools based on the information provided in the online form. Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer every school a project stand at the Fair but endeavour to give every school an equal opportunity to participate

  4. Judges’ Feedback - the Fair is non-competitive but constructive feedback is provided to pupils and their teachers following discussion of the project with a Judge at the Fair. All participating schools will also be presented with a school trophy and pupil certificates of participation


3. Key Information & Links


4. When & Where

Dates will be confirmed closer to the Call for Entries. 

5. Contact us at primarysciencefair@rds.ie or by phone, +353 (0)1 240 7990 (ROI) or 0345 2661897 (NI).

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