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Agriculture & Rural Affairs

RDS Spring Agricultural Awards

The RDS Spring Agricultural Awards are a rare occasion in which farmers across all sectors come together to celebrate all they have achieved. The goal of the RDS Agriculture and Rural Affairs programme is to promote best practice and efficiency in farming to ensure farm household profitability and sustainability in Ireland. Livestock farmers, foresters and in future years, agri-entrepreneurs will come together to both celebrate their achievements and learn from each other.

The 2018 RDS Spring Agricultural Awards will take place in the RDS Concert Hall on Wednesday, April 4 and it is possible to reserve your place to attend by following this link to the booking page. There are two main award categories, livestock and forestry, combined they have a prize fund of €20,000.


RDS Forest and Woodland Awards

The twin goals of promoting the economic and environmental benefits of good forestry and farming is the underlying motivation behind these Awards. With a prize fund of €15,000, all woodland owners and managers are encouraged to enter the Awards as all woodlands, large or small, are of merit.

There are four categories which can be entered. Please note that entries have now closed.


RDS Livestock Awards

The RDS Livestock Awards showcase the most efficient livestock producers in Ireland by rewarding and celebrating farmers combining the best science and best agricultural practices. These Awards build upon the RDS Spring Show which was known the length and breadth of Ireland for showcasing the best livestock in the country.


For further information, please contact:

Paul Farrelly
RDS Agriculture Programme Manager
Dublin 4
Tel: +353 (0) 1 240 7215
Email: agriculture@rds.ie

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