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RDS Craft Awards

The annual RDS Craft Awards showcase and reward excellence in Irish craft. Established in 1968, the Awards follow an RDS tradition of promoting Irish craft which dates back to the nineteenth century. The RDS Craft Awards is an open platform for Irish craftspeople to have their work assessed by an independent judging panel of Irish and international craft experts. The prize fund in 2017 was in excess of €30,000. Each year, the winning and commended entries are showcased at the RDS Craft Awards Exhibition during the Dublin Horse Show and the 2017 prize winners are exhibited again at the National Crafts & Design Fair in the RDS in December.

Structure of the RDS Craft Awards 2017. Prospective entrants should read the RDS Craft Awards rules of entry.

2017 RDS Craft Awards Prize-Winners 


There are 10 categories in the 2017 competition. Entrants should reflect their primary skill when selecting a category for their entry. There is a maximum of one entry per person. Please note that a single entry can comprise a number of related items. Some categories (calligraphy & lettering, carving, basketry and leatherwork) are rotated every second year. In 2017, basketry and calligraphy & lettering will be included in the Craft Awards the following year carving and leatherwork.

2017 Categories

1.            Constructed Textiles (woven, knitted, crocheted, felted textiles, lace)
2.            Embellished Textiles (embroidery, patchwork, quilting, batik, printed textiles)
3.            Basketry
4.            Jewellery
5.            Silversmithing & Metalwork
6.            Furniture  
7.            Ceramics
8.            Glass
9.            Calligraphy & Lettering
10.          Woodturning


Important Dates for RDS Craft Awards 2017:

Exhibition Open to Public Free of Charge: 2 – 4 August from 10am - 5pm (7pm on Thursday)
Exhibition at Dublin Horse Show, entry fee applies: 9 – 13 August from 9am - 7pm (6pm on Sunday)
Winners shown at National Crafts & Design Fair: 5 – 10 December


This year, Eleanor Haworth won the Emerging Makers Award of Excellence for her jewellery collection, Carapace (below).


For further information please contact:

Dara O'Leary
RDS Arts Programme Manager
Dublin 4
Tel: +353 (0) 1 240 7255
Email: arts@rds.ie

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