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Membership Categories

Membership of the RDS is just €380 per annum, €50 of which is credit at the RDS Member's Club. There is an inital joining fee and the price you pay when you join varies depending on the time of year you join, to bring you up until December 31. See below for further details on the pricing structure, or find out how to apply for RDS Membership here.

Individual Membership Pricing Structure

Join Dates


City Membership

Persons residing in Dublin, Kildare, Meath & Wicklow INCLUDES €50 F & B Credit, €80 join fee

Country Membership

Persons residing in Ireland outside counties listed left INCLUDES €50 F & B Credit, €40 join fee

Overseas Membership

Persons not residing full time in Ireland INCLUDES €40 join fee

Associate Membership

Persons over 18 & under 25 years of age or persons over 25 studying full-time (with student ID)

Jan - Apr (31 Dec)





May - Aug (31 Dec)





Sept - Oct (31 Dec)





Nov - Dec (31 Dec Year 2)





Note: All Food & Beverage credit (excluding top-ups) must be used annually by 31 October and cannot be carried over.


Individual Membership Fee Detail

  • New Members pay a one off joining fee
  • Membership fee includes a Food and Beverage credit (not applicable for Overseas or Associates)
  • In year one Members pay a sliding rate (depending on join date)
  • In year two there is an option to pay a three year subscription which offers a 10% discount
  • To cut down on administration costs we encourage Members to pay by Direct Debit from year two


Corporate Membership Fee Detail

  • Corporate membership includes 4 nominated company members
  • Corporate Members pay an annual subscription fee of €1,200
  • Subscription fee based on a sliding rate, dependant on official joining date
  • There is also an additional Food and Beverage credit of €500 per year
  • 10% discount on Food and Beverage spend on an additional top ups applied to card
  • Unless otherwise stated Food & Beverage credit will be allocated equally to all four applicants
  • To reduce administration costs we encourage Members to pay by direct debit from year


For further information or to arrange a tour of the RDS Members’ Club please contact:

Catherine Jordan
Membership Development Manager
Dublin 4
Tel: +353 (0) 1 240 7280
Email: members@rds.ie

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